CT measure tool "Lung Cancer Measure Ver0.5"

Image Analsis of GGO (ground-glass opacity)

WatchinGGO Brochure(WatchinGGO20141026.pdf)Download here

Collaborate Research and Development of Medical Imaging

Expert Imaging Support for LUNG cancer
LISIT developed measurement tools based on international standard for Lung and Cancer.
(GO to RECIST and Imaing CRO service)

・2D,3D、Automatic Segmentation:Measure long and short-length of tumor

・DICOM input and output(every image format can load on demand from user)

・GGO enhance filer (LISIT original filter)

・Mixed GGO (Pure GGO ratio calculation):GGO texture measure

・Calcification (Estimation of Calcification ratio)

・GGN・GGO Mass Index Calcuration

・Histogram Analysis (Histogram Texture Feature Index)

・3D Visualization(VR,MIP,MPR)

・Function of image processing(Geometry Analysis、Profile、Pixel measure、Fractal Analysis etc)

・TEXT and CSV files save of measured data

We are now wanted collaborative Company and Research Site for cancer imaging research!

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