Image Analysis Service for Autopsy Imaging

Image Analysis of Autopsy Imaging by expert

The cause of death investigation is demonstrated by quantitative image analysis and scientific evaluation.
Image Analysis Service is collaborated with expert radiologist, forensic doctor and pathologists etc.
LISIT,Co. create CT imaging protocols, whole body autopsy imaging and report (documents) of resultant image measures.

Example lisit of Imaging Service by LISIT.CO

. Sell and rental of economic 3D software for realtime GPU Volume Rendering (FDA approval)

. Nubering and detection of bone fracture, Labeling, Curvature analysis of depressed fracture

. teeth alignment and treatment characteristics, 3D image processing, Panorama Viewing

. hematoma volumetry, area, histogram analysis (time-series discoloration)

. Color Image Processing and Analysis

. CG explanation to the citizen judge system

. Using standard lexis of CT,PET,MRI and other medical devices

Remote reading and analysis using remote cloud PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System)

Build reliable image and document network system with major medical device company

We are now wanted collaborative Company and Research Site for Autopsy Imaging!

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