Make Best Image Quality with "Low Patient Exposure DOSE"

QC Service of Medical Device bringing out Best Performance

Quality control for medical device/radiation therapy equipment
Many medical diagnostic imaging equipment produces the images that contribute to the diagnosis using X-ray, gamma rays and radioactive materials.
Generally, it is in the trade-off relation between the amount of radiation exposure and image quality (high exposure dose produces good signal to noise ratio(SNR)).
So we must enough attention to the exposure dose setting of CT protocol and PET imaging protocol in clinical trials and general examination in the hospital.
LISIT always fulfill in accordance with recommendations of ICRP (The International Commission on Radiological Protection: the International Commission on Radiological Protection) and report of resultant quantitative analysis and management protocol for medical imaging equipment. (A staff of LISIT is the Japanese translator of ICRP Publ.87 CT is one of the translators in the management of patient dose.)

DICOM based Patient Exposure Dose Calculator corresponding to AEC and Dual Energy CT Scan

LISIT original developed software ”Patient Exposure DOSE (Effective Dose)"

Feature List

. First introducted software for calculate ogan dose and petient dose using DICOM header information automatically.

. Effective Dose conresponding to AEC(Automatic Exposure Control)

. Dual Energy (Different X-ray Energy) is accepted

. Remote Estimation of Patient Exposure Dose on PACS system (On-line Network)

Quantitative Estimation of Image Quality of CR,DR and FPD

LISIT original developed "Integrated tool for QC "

Example list of Function

. Exposure Dose Estimation

. Automatic multi- ROI positioning and measurement

. Low Contrast Detectability (Measure Index CNR)

. Calculation of Noise uniformity

. CTF(Contrast Transfer Function) calculation

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