Three Core Services and High Quality Support with Medical Imaging

LISIT: Core Service

Support research and entrusted development of medical imaging software:
Collaborative development of "Disease based" image analysis software with clinical sites and hospitals

High reliability of medical imaging protocol for Clincal Trail (Imaging Core Lab Service):
LISIT enforce relevant laws in a uniform manner of international imaging CRO.
(FDA approval DICOM Viewer for RECIST 1.1, DICOM-Masking based on DICOM WG18, CE-Aproved Phatom Examinations

・Go to Imaging CRO service and Imaging Core Laboratory

・Go to Data Management System for Clinical Trials

・Go to DICOM Masking (DICOM Anonymous service) based on DICOM WG18

・Go to Service List of Medical Image Analysis (Imaging Core Lab Service)

・Go to Service List of Clinical Trial:Medical Writing etc

DICOM Network Systema (PACS):
DICOM data and Document (Word, Excel and PDFetc) transfer system for clinical trials.
Technical consulting and training setting protcol and methods of image analysis (CT,MRI,PET etc) in "Asia"

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LISIT Original Software

Lung Cancer Analyzer: WatchinGGO

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RECIST-DICOM Software developed by German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and MINT Medical.