Masking Service for Clinical Trial by DICOM Experts

Certifiable masking service according to HIPPA and DICOM Supplement 142.

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) Supplement 142: Clinical Trial De-identification Profiles
LISIT,Co services masking for clinical trials using Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) recommended international standard DICOM Editor and CTP (Clinical Trial Processor). Masking itself is free software . (DICOM anonymization software itself is not subject to J-PAL: Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Law ).

Characteristics of DICOM image masking

・Series / images level masking can generate both masked and masking its own copy of the original image(s)

・Transfer syntax of the anonymized file can be forced to implicit VR little endian

・UseSOPIUID for name can be anonymized DICOM files will be named to their SOPInstanceUID values followed by ".dcm".

・Events that occur during the anonymization process are logged in the Results pane.

・An element designation displayed in red is one that could cause the anonymizer to call its quarantine function and leave the image untouched. If you anonymize an image and the Results pane shows that the anonymizer called the quarantine function, look at the values in the red elements and see if there is something wrong.

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Masking Rules of DICOM Image

Is the DICOM masking carried out by experts?

Sometimes, general DICOM anonymization not related clinical trial fail to delete and remain the important DICOM tags

For example, clinical imaging protocol, it is important to protect certain information and analysis for quality control on medical devices.

These rules, in the past, IRB (Institutional Review Board: Review Board) is often determined the rule of DICOM masking based on HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act: Accountability Act and the Health Insurance). However, the anonymization of DICOM has not completed yet. This fact sometimes lead to fatal errors of privacy, and a major obstacle of Clinical Trials.

LISIT,Co. will not give insufficient clinical description and masking DICOM service. DICOM rules experts, so make masking service with sufficient explanation and training satisfying requests from pharmaceutical companies.

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