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Medical Writing protocol amendment
We create CT (PET,MRI and DRetc) operating procedures. Check Medical Lexicon (Common International Standard Words).
Variety of procedures for image analysis using imaging equipment (CT, PET, MRI, etc.)
Depending on the case on scientific research, presented by the image analysis technique international standards
Training and Manual Description (CT,PET,SPECT,MRI protcol setting and lecture of them)
Explantion of protocol of medical devices about theoretical treatment
Phantom Test Instructor
Instruct authoritative Phantom Test (CatPhantom for CT, COPD gene for COPD evaluation etc)
DICOM Data Masking Service and Masking Lecture
Masking Service according to DICOM Supplement 142 with formal reports
Support Monitoring Selection of investigator
Discuss with Radiological Society Member (LISIT is a member of JSRT)
Selection of trial site
Discuss with Radiological Society Member (LISIT is a member of JSRT)
Clinical Data Management DICOM and Document Online Management
iRecommend Optimal Third Party Vendor
DICOM and Clinical Trial Reports and document database management and transfer system LISIT recommended third party vendor
Management of screening committee Support FILM based Judgement
Intorduce best FILM output and management Company for Clinical Trials.
Sell and Rental economic DICOM Viewer following the RECIST 1.1 and PERCIST
Provide FDA approval best much DICOM viewer for RECIST 1.1 and PERCIST
Image Analysis Service
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