Image Analysis Tools for PET "PET Analyzer 0.1"

LISIT provides qualitative and quantitative approaches to metabolic tumor response assessment with 18F-FDG PET and proposes a draft framework for PET Response Criteria in Solid Tumors (PERCIST), version 1.0.

Image Analsis of GGO (ground-glass opacity)

Collaborate Research and Development of Medical Imaging

Expert Imaging Support with PET Imaging
LISIT developed measurement tools based on international standard (RECIST or PERCIST etc).
(GO to Breast Cancer application)

・SUV(Standard Uptake Vaule) Calculation, Re-Mapping(Max-SUV,Min-SUV,SD-SUV ect Block and Filter Processing)

・DICOM(DICOM Compression)

・Extract Tumor(Level Set Segmentation, Snake, Liveband Segmentation etc)

・Measure(line Profile, Z-axis plot on ROI, Statistical Measure, Automatic long and short axis length, Fractal, Histogram measure etc)

・Popup Viewing the list of Half-Life Values in every radio-isotope(RI: PET and SPECT etc)

・RECIST and PERCIST Report(Excel CSV output or text file output: Option for Pharmaceutical CO format )

・Convert spatial frequency spectrum (Fourier analysis and DCT convert )

・Radon Transform (Check PET and SPECT detectors)

・3D Image Processing(VR,MIP,MPR)


・Compare Function

We are now wanted collaborative Company and Research Site for cancer imaging research!

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