LISIT Technology

High reliability practicing translational medicine of imaging

LISIT is entrusted only company bio-medical image analysis on clinical practice from the standpoint of radiological technology and medical physiscs in JAPAN. We always put medical support contents in perspective of "DISEASE" not only technologies. LISIT promise providing smart tools with high quality, low noise, low patient exposure dose with best partner who is in charge of diagnositic and treatment doctors (radiologist, physician, and surgeon etc)

Clinical application modules:

List of Application

. Overall Quality Control Software for Computed Tomography.
. PET quantitative analyzer (SUV and unique clinical software).
. Cancer Analyzer (Texture measure) . Overall Quality Control Software for Computed Radiography.
. Mammography diagnositic reporter (besed on Japanese Standard Regulation)
. Curvature of the spine analyzer (CR and DR stitching and make 3D whole spine view)
. DICOM based CT Patient Exposured Dose Calculator (AEC, Dual Energy, Automatic)

Key Technologies:

MATLAB and IDL based software development

Develpment usng C#, C, JAVA, Python, Delphi

Vector Field Analysis collabolated with third party SOLVER (CFD,Structure Analysis,FEM Analysis

QA of Medical Devices(CatPhantomやLung COPD Phantom:etc)

PACS and Teleradiology

Document based consultant for Clinical Trial

Disease-based medical image analysis

LISIT,Co. realize the demand of clinical sites with rapid solution using medical image processing

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Respiratory Disease

Lung Cancer (Solid Tumor,Assist judge between benign andmalignancy of GGO etc)

COPD(Low attenuation area in 2D and 3D, 2D and 3D Fractal Analysis, Airway segmentation etc)
For Clinical Trial for COPD, LISIT recommended third party FDA approval International Validated Workstaion to Drug Company's request.

Intraoperative diagnosis for chest surgery(Lymph-node Maping, 3D display)

Metastasis(PET and SPECT Quatitative Analysis)

Pulmonary infarction

Cardiac and blood circulatory system

coronary artery disease(measure rate of in-stent restenosis) ,Image Analysis of anticoagulant,Angina,arhythmia,atherosclerosis,cerebral vascular disturbance,etc


Lung cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cance, kidney cancer,esophageal cancer,
Liver cancer, leukemia and lymphoma (RECIST 1.1 support, Image QA of Mammograpy, PET image anlysis and SUV statistics for NHL ect, Volumetry of tumor etc)


bone mineral density(BMD analysis),BONE BioChemical marker,DXA,QCT,Analysis of vertebral fractures


Metabolic syndrome (FAT-CT scan) and image analysis, abnormal curvature of the spine,Alzheimer's dementia