Entrusted Analysis by Medical Computational Flow Dynamics (Medical CFD service)

LISIT,Inc realize the entrusted services of medical computatitonal flow dynamice cooperated by real clinical staffs.

Medical Computational Flow Dynamics (Medical CFD)

Medical CFD for Aneurysmal blood flow analysis and blood pressure

LISIT Co.,Ltd. achieved Japan's first medical fluid analysis services through partnership with CFD solver opelators.
Specialists of medical image analysis and CFD propose an efficient plan according to schedule and budget for surgical operation.

Flowchart of Medical CFD service

Medical CFD analysis is limited to the case of "thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm" and "Aneurysm" to build a time-efficient.

・Support setting optimum CT and MRI scan condition (Low-patient dose with AEC, prep setting using contrast media etc.. )
・Anonymizing (Masking) DICOM Image data and Secure storage service (Both On-line storage and off-line storage using CD/DVD and Receipt Report )
・Segmentation of vessel or abnormal part of DICOM data and convert DICOM to STL for Medical CFD calculation.
・Decision of boundary condition (set reference value of blood material)

・CFD Calculation using "PHOENICS" (CHAM CFD solver).
・Resultant report(results of measured values from Medical CFD simulation)

Fluid analysis, visualization and reporting

・Example of resultant image processing(Stream Line and Pressure colormapping)

・Fluid analysis, visualization and reporting

About disclaimer and note of medical CFD service.

・Results of medical CFD ananlysis is strictly "Simulation". That dose not mean absolute value of the actual blood flow velocity and blood pressure.
LISIT,Co is not responsible for damages resulting from use of the Service
・CFD solver used in our service is not phermaceutical regulatory approval (JPAL). Please use this Contract Services under the responsibility of the physician
・We will support this medical CFD service for research and education in cardiovascular and neuro surgical fields.

・If you order the special condition like complex small organs, vessel wall meshing or boundary conditon, In that case, a separate, we suggest you rather than the routine analysis of the clinical team, as participation in scientific research projects.
・We welcomes hundreds of cases of typical abdominal aortic aneurysm in pre and post operative case.


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